Save Time And Money By Taking Florida Drug And Alcohol Permit Test Online

This Florida drug and alcohol permit test course that I took was so great that I just had to blog about it. If you’re anything like me then the last place you want to be spending any of your free time is in a classroom; save that for school days. To get your permit in Florida you have to take a drug and alcohol course, so why not do it online. I signed up for this course in less than five minutes and was able to start working on it right away. Right off the bat I liked the ease of it all and the fact that you can do the entire thing from any computer with an internet connection.

When I signed up for the drug and alcohol test Florida I set up an account with my own username and password. This was nice because then I could log in from any computer and chip away at the course. You can work on the course at your own pace, but let’s be honest; when it comes to driving we want to get it done as fast as possible.

The Florida drug and alcohol permit test course is divided into units that are loaded with interactive features, so you never feel like you’re being bombarded with lots of boring reading which is also a plus. I finished the whole course in just a few days, which I know I could not have done if it was classroom-based because they have a set schedule you have to follow. It’s also nice to not have a teacher telling you what to do all the time.

They processed my completion information and sent it to the DHSMV the same day that I finished the course, so I was able to sign up and take my permit test right away.

Florida Drug And Alcohol Course


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