I had Passed my Drug And Alcohol Test For Florida Permit.Do You!!!!!!!!!!

Taking my drug and alcohol test for Florida permit online was one of the best choices I ever made because it was fast, easy, and I was the first one of my friends to be able to drive. Most of the people I know had their parents sign them up for the local driving school permit course and I heard it was awful, so I’m really glad I took matters into my own hands. This course was super easy and really simple to use, and it had the added bonus of being completely web-based; I never even left my room at home to do it!

One of the really nice things about this Florida drug and alcohol course is that you can log in and out of it anytime you want. This way you don’t have to carve out huge blocks of time to work on it and can take breaks whenever you want. The course is self-paced too, so it never matters what other people are doing or when they’re doing it. My parents loved the course because it was cheap, state-approved, and had been around for over a decade, so those are good selling points if you need them with your parents.

When you sign up for the drug and alcohol test for Florida permit you also get a permit practice test that comes with 50 multiple-choice questions. You don’t know it at the time, but all these questions have been on past DHSMV exams so you get a really great opportunity to practice with the real thing. I took my permit exam a little over a week ago and passed it with flying colors because of this course. It also didn’t hurt that I saw a bunch of the same questions and already knew the answers to them.

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Save Time And Money By Taking Florida Drug And Alcohol Permit Test Online

This Florida drug and alcohol permit test course that I took was so great that I just had to blog about it. If you’re anything like me then the last place you want to be spending any of your free time is in a classroom; save that for school days. To get your permit in Florida you have to take a drug and alcohol course, so why not do it online. I signed up for this course in less than five minutes and was able to start working on it right away. Right off the bat I liked the ease of it all and the fact that you can do the entire thing from any computer with an internet connection.

When I signed up for the drug and alcohol test Florida I set up an account with my own username and password. This was nice because then I could log in from any computer and chip away at the course. You can work on the course at your own pace, but let’s be honest; when it comes to driving we want to get it done as fast as possible.

The Florida drug and alcohol permit test course is divided into units that are loaded with interactive features, so you never feel like you’re being bombarded with lots of boring reading which is also a plus. I finished the whole course in just a few days, which I know I could not have done if it was classroom-based because they have a set schedule you have to follow. It’s also nice to not have a teacher telling you what to do all the time.

They processed my completion information and sent it to the DHSMV the same day that I finished the course, so I was able to sign up and take my permit test right away.

Florida Drug And Alcohol Course

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Florida Drug And Alcohol Test Online Course - Easy Way To Get Your Learners Permit

To say the least, I was not very excited to have to take a Florida drug and alcohol test before I could sign up for the permit exam. However, I knew I would never get my license if I didn’t just get it out of the way so I started my search online for the closest driving school. To my surprise, I found a course that was actually offered online that I could do from home. I loved the idea of not having to spend any more time in a classroom and especially not having to spend my weekends in one, so I signed up right away.

When you sign up for the Florida drug and alcohol test you get to set up an account that makes it possible to work on the course from any computer. This was a cool feature because I actually logged in at my favorite wireless coffee shop and got a little of it out of the way. That’s another thing, you can log in and out of the course as much as you want. This way you can take breaks anytime, so I never felt like I was being forced to do something.

Every unit in the drug and alcohol test online combines reading and fun in the form of graphics and interactive 3-D animations. I expected it to be really boring, so it was nice that they tried to make it somewhat enjoyable. And the course comes with a 50-question permit practice test to help you study for the test afterwards. I couldn’t believe it, but I actually had some of the exact same questions on my written exam at the DHSMV so I already knew the answer!

In my opinion, there really is no better way to fulfill your permit requirements than with this online course.

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Inviting Organizational Change: Lessons from Counseling Individuals

As challenging as it may be to motivate an individual to consider changing a personal behavior, inviting an organization to move towards change can be even more daunting. To motivate a clinical staff steeped in traditional addictions counseling techniques or what William Miller refers to as attack therapy can cause any supervising counselor or clinical director to age prematurely.

First, the literature seems to suggest that the process of change for an organization is similar to that followed by an individual. This means that the organization will need to pass through the stages or readiness just as an individual does. What is a bit more complex when contemplating change in an organization made up of individuals, however, is that different individuals in the organization will likely be at different stages of readiness to change. You will therefore need to target these different segments or "changers" of your organization separately. Depending on the size of the organization with which you are working, this may already have been done for you. If so, this enables you to move directly to designing interventions based on the mean stage of readiness to change in your target group or the segment of the organization with which you will be doing the training--more on this in a moment.

If, however, you are not sure of the stage of readiness to change in your target group, you may want to do a bit of assessment first, preferably prior to engaging your audience in any particular activities. You may find one of the SORtC (stages of readiness to change) tools to be useful, for example, see the SOCRATES or Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale (see http://casaa.unm.edu/inst/SOCRATESv8.pdf). Once you have a sense of which segments of the organization are at what stage of readiness to change, you can then tailor your interventions based on the SOCtC. To get a sense of “which” interventions work best with “what” stage of RTC, visit http://bit.ly/mIQ6mL

Matching the “process of change” to the “stage of readiness” is very important given the task of facilitating change, be that when working with an individual or a group. If your target audience is in an earlier stages of RTC, then you are going to want to focus on consciousness raising, increasing awareness, social support, and related activities to move the audience toward an “ah ha” moment or epiphany. This can be done in a relatively short amount of time, but senior management or administration will need to understand your objective and more to the point, “why” you are doing it. Remember, managers tend to be more interested in “pushing” subordinates towards the change they believe needs to be made than “leading” employees towards personal growth and corporate development. 

When attempting to motivate individuals to change remember a few simply--although not necessarily easy to implement--steps:

  1. Although you may be able to lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink...you CAN salt the oats
  2. It is easier to motivate employees to move toward what they discover they want than away from what management no longer wish them to do
  3. Change happens in stages. The objective of change is to move from their current stage to the next stage on the continuum, not the last stage
  4. As William Miller suggests, when considering motivating individuals to change you have two choices of how to proceed: you can wrestle with them or you can dance with them...Dancing with the Stars is always more productive than WW Smack Down
  5. Remember Sandra Anice Barnes' line from Life is the Way It Is, "It is so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to." Our task as agents of change is to invite individuals to "want to."
What do you think?
Dr. Robert

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