Florida Drug And Alcohol Test Online Course - Easy Way To Get Your Learners Permit

To say the least, I was not very excited to have to take a Florida drug and alcohol test before I could sign up for the permit exam. However, I knew I would never get my license if I didn’t just get it out of the way so I started my search online for the closest driving school. To my surprise, I found a course that was actually offered online that I could do from home. I loved the idea of not having to spend any more time in a classroom and especially not having to spend my weekends in one, so I signed up right away.

When you sign up for the Florida drug and alcohol test you get to set up an account that makes it possible to work on the course from any computer. This was a cool feature because I actually logged in at my favorite wireless coffee shop and got a little of it out of the way. That’s another thing, you can log in and out of the course as much as you want. This way you can take breaks anytime, so I never felt like I was being forced to do something.

Every unit in the drug and alcohol test online combines reading and fun in the form of graphics and interactive 3-D animations. I expected it to be really boring, so it was nice that they tried to make it somewhat enjoyable. And the course comes with a 50-question permit practice test to help you study for the test afterwards. I couldn’t believe it, but I actually had some of the exact same questions on my written exam at the DHSMV so I already knew the answer!

In my opinion, there really is no better way to fulfill your permit requirements than with this online course.


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