Bacterial Vaginal Infection - Use A Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of BV Quickly And For Good

Bacterial vaginal infection with cause many women to search for the best treatment they can find. Are you struggling to get the itching and discharge under control? By using natural methods you can rather quickly get your bacterial vaginosis under control at home and stop the yeast infection from coming back in the future.

The majority of women, when they have an vaginal infection, will seek out and use drugs. Antibiotics, cremes and other temporary treatments. The problem with using antibiotics, for example is that the antibiotics kill all bacteria in the vagina, even the good bacteria that helps keep your vagina healthy. And the can have side effects in some women. Other factors that may cause the infection can range from poor hygiene, sex with a different partner, using a scented douche, etc.
If you do not treat your bv, it can create other problems for you, especially if your pregnant.

You have to get rid of the root cause of your bacterial vaginal infection, not just get temporary relief of your symptoms. For successful elimination of BV, you may want to consider using a natural treatment. Prescribed medication will only provide you with temporary relief and your bacterial vaginosis will come back in a few months. you want permanent relief, right? Go natural!

Here are a few things to try.

Put some apple cider vinegar (2 cups) in your bath water. It has an acidic nature and with provide relief from the itching and burning feeling you may be having. If your vagina has a fishy odor, try drinking pineapple juice or cranberry juice. You can also make a douche with herbs to eliminate the itching and/or burning.

Clean your diet up. Incorporate plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables into your daily meals. Use more garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and with help kill the bad bacteria in your urinary system that is causing the infection. Get lots of vitamins and minerals in as natural a state as you can.

You can not cure BV with over the counter drugs, just get temporary relief. Get your vaginal ph levels higher with yogurt. Yogurt contains culture that will help balance the bacteria inside your vagina, you can either eat it or cover a tampon with it and insert into your vagina.

Making a few lifestyle changes will go a long way toward eliminating bacterial vaginal infection and permanently rid yourself of the root causes of BV.


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