Make A Smart Choice To Pass Florida Drug And Alcohol Permit Test

We all have to take a Florida drug and alcohol permit test at some point, if we want to drive, so I made the smart decision and did it online. I spend a lot of my free time playing on the computer anyway, so I thought it just made sense to get the requirements out of the way online. The whole course from start to finish is accessible from any computer that has an internet connection, so I literally never had to leave my house to do it. I have friends who took classroom courses and they hated them.

Surprisingly, I found that this online Florida drug and alcohol permit test went by really quickly so I never even had time to get bored or hate what I was doing. It definitely helped that the whole thing is multimedia-based, meaning interactive animations, videos, and graphics. And the way it’s set up is really cool because you can take a break whenever you want, so you never feel like you’re being forced to do something.

The drug and alcohol test Florida is really concise and easy to use, but they do offer a customer support team if you ever have questions. And they work 24/7 so there’s always someone available, which is nice. You get unlimited attempts on the final exam, which you really can’t beat because it guarantees that you pass the course.

And I’ve saved the best for last which is really the free practice test. You get a practice test for free when you sign up for the course and it has 50 questions that have been taken from past DHSMV permit exams. That means that you can study and practice with questions that will be on your test, which I can now say is true because I saw some of them on mine!


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