Why Is It Complicated To Stick To A Diet?

We all dream of shifting weight fast. Of being able to look fantastic for a vacation, wedding or work party in a few months. However, such an outlook can often make your dieting regime collapse before it has even had a chance to work.

Why do diets not work?
There are lots of reasons why your diet may fail, but the key ones include:

Restricted Diets
Fad diets (often acknowledged as 'crash/celebrity diets') are notorious for eliminating whole food groups in a bid to help you shift weight. However, such diets are impossible to keep to for months at a time. Not only are they unhealthy, but they are difficult to get used to. After all, could you experience satisfaction consuming just lentil soup or proteins, day after day for months at a time? No.

We have all got certain snacks which we can't resist. Chocolate bars… cakes… biscuits…pizza… Now whilst giving yourself the odd chocolate bar is not a crime. Turn this monthly treat into daily treat and you will soon notice that you have succumbed to additional treats as well which will trigger weight gain, not fat loss.
Skipping Meals
It may sound logical when you are losing weight to cut out meals as you are essentially consuming less calories; however without a regular input of calories into your system, your metabolism will slowly start to slow down as it thinks you are starving.

And this can make slimming down incredibly hard work as your metabolic rate will be too slow to deal with calorie burn.

What else can I do?
If any of the above sounds like you, do not let this dampen your attempts to lose excess lbs. To experience natural, permanent fat loss all you need to do is alter your beliefs and acknowledge that your dieting desires will not be instant.

A regular fat loss of 4-8lbs a month is recommended by many leading dieticians as these are easier to maintain. But what else should you do?

•   Consume a healthy diet - you don't have to cut out your favourite foods completely to benefit from successful fat loss. The key is to ingest a healthy meal plan of all the major food groups and cut down on fatty foods.

Now we are not telling you to exclude chocolate or chips - all this will lead to is temptation. However, by slowly reducing how regularly you have them, on a week by week basis, you can naturally cut them from your diet and halt cravings.

•   Exercise often – eating well and exercising often go together when it comes to dieting. By trying a fitness system of aerobics and strength training 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes, you can help your metabolism and ultimately your fat burn.

•    Aim for achievable goals – instead of aiming for a total fat loss of over 20lbs, give yourself minute weekly targets of 2lbs and aim to attain just those. This helps to reduce the pressure to get rid of weight and in no time at all you will discover that you are close to your long term target.

•    Consume a fat loss supplement - if you are struggling to lose those excess pounds and reignite your diet, the assistance of a proven dietary supplement can help. Medically tested and proven through 6 medical studies to reduce up to 28 percent of dietary fat, suppress cravings, lower LDL cholesterol and increase energy levels, Proactol PLUS is one of the best carb & fat blockers and can help you to overcome your hunger cravings and naturally decrease your appetite to make dieting simple, safe and natural.


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