Drug Rehab

Anyone who has experienced the devastation that addiction creates would want to rid society of drug and alcohol abuse forever. We are all familiar with the obvious problems associated with drinking and drug use such as fighting, accidents, disorderly behaviour etc. However, the true extent of the problems arising from drug and alcohol abuse lie much deeper, and are infinitely greater than the obvious.

The pressures faced by people on a daily basis very often seem overwhelming and it is not surprising that many turn to alcohol and drugs to help them cope. Whilst using alcohol or any other drug for this reason might seem to be the answer at the time, it is never the solution to problems (quite the opposite). However, because of the immediate psychological relief experienced when mood altering substances are used, this pattern of behaviour can very easily become adopted by those who are finding life difficult for whatever reasons.

Psychological dependence in these circumstances is highly likely, and with continued use, physical dependency an inescapable consequence with many drugs including alcohol. This, in very simplified terms, is 'addiction'.

Some people who become addicted are able to recognise and address their addictive behaviour and return to a healthier, productive life either with or without help from various drug addiction treatments having little impact on their day-to-day life. This is definitely not the case for all though. For many whose lives have become entrenched in the 'soul destroying' daily activities necessary to feed their addiction, a more drastic and thorough approach is required.

Drug rehabilitation centres, or drug rehab as they are usually referred to, gives people the chance to examine their lives and the factors that contribute to their addiction in a safe environment. They learn how to reduce the risk of relapse and what they need to do to get their lives on a more even keel. Drug rehab does not cure a person, but it can be the foundation stone upon which a person can re-build their life free from addictive behaviour.

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